Jute, Rayon, Linen...

Jute (aka. Japanese Hemp) ropes have rougher surface texture than European hemp, which means even more sensation. They look great in black and white photography. Jute comes in natural undyed only. And yes, we couldn't resist making a jute flogger.

natural undyed jute 100% jute flogger

Rayon ropes are soft like silk yet strong like hemp. Rayon comes in plum, copper, or golden blonde.

plum rayon closeup blonde rayon closeup

Linen ropes look like the finest quality hemp, but are gentler on the skin. Linen comes in natural undyed only.

natural undyed linen natural linen closeup

These are all special orders so please inquire for pricing. Want something you don't see here? Ultimately, we'll make rope out of pretty much anything fibrous. Just email us with your ideas.

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